Contributions to books by others, collections and catalogues

I have been a contributor to lots of books over the years. Most are listed below. Let me know if I have missed any out at all.

Connecting Nothing With Something

Contributed a chapter entitled You Wantsum? to this 2013 coastal anthology on Influx Press. My chapter is about Margate’s cultural regeneration and was also re-written for both the Isle of Thanet Gazette and the Independent newspaper. This led to the piece becoming part of the writing syllabus at the Open University. Strange how these things come about.

Connnecting Nothing With Something – A Coastal Anthology, edited by Kit Caless and Gary Budden, Influx Press, London (2013), ISBN 9780957169364.


Read Me

I contributed to a chapter in this copywriting how-to called Not Telling Stories, Selling Stories. This was about how you need to instil some of your character into your writing, no matter what the topic and whether it is commercial writing, non-fiction or a novel.

Read Me – 10 Lessons for Writing Great Copy by Roger Horberry and Giles Lingwood, Laurence King Publishing, London (2014), ISBN 9781780671819.


I contributed the lead article to this tribute to architect Gerard O’Carroll. The title was taken from an article that I had written for Dazed and Confused magazine. The book is all about O’Carroll’s architecture and inspirations.

Darkitecture by Gerard O’Carroll et al, Two Little Boys Publishing, London (2012), ISBN 9780957429901.

Atlas of Kent

I contributed an essay entitled Youth Explosion! and a map of important youth subculture venues and hangouts in Margate from 1950-2000. The essay was about my project on youth subcultures in Margate with Turner Contemporary. That project was a part of the Kent Cultural Baton.

Atlas of Kent – The Kent Cultural Baton by Nicole Mollett, Kent Cultural Baton (2012). Includes A3 fold-out map.

Mapping Your Manor

I contributed an essay to introduce artist Lucy Harrison’s work of the same name in this book. The project took part in the Stratford area as a pre-cursor to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Mapping Your Manor by Lucy Harrison, Rendezvous Press, London (2011), ISBN 9780955540042.

Nothing in the World But Youth

I wrote the lead essay for this exhibition catalogue. This was the second show at the then recently-opened Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate, Kent. My essay was entitled Can’t Go On No More: A personal history of Margate’s youth culture. It detailed my own youth in the town, mixed with reminiscence, history and reflections on my Cachet work in the town that was a part of the exhibition. The catalogue also included some of my photographs from the show and one of me as a 12-year-old. The exhibition ran from 17.9.11 to 9.1.12.

Nothing in the World But Youth, edited by Lauren A Wright, Turner Contemporary, Margate (2011), ISBN 97800955236334.

Market Project

I interviewed artist Alistair Gentry for this limited edition set of booklets that came together to form a whole book. The book also featured articles on Annabel Dover, Laura Earley, Julie Freeman, Helen Judge, David Kefford, Annabelle Shelton, Elaine Tribley and Martha Winter.

Market Project, London (2011), edition of 250.

Critical Cities

I wrote an essay entitled Wagontrain to accompany the body of work of the same name by artist Cathy Ward. The work is a set of photographs of mobile and roadside food wagons (or food trucks, as Americans may call them).

Critical Cities – Ideas, Knowledge and Agitation – Volume 1, edited by Deepa Nail and Trenton Oldfield, Myrdle Court Press, London (2009), ISBN 9780956353900.

Cheap Date

I contributed several pieces to this collection of articles and new material from the anti-fashion magazine Cheap Date. My contributions were about obsolete technology, including 8-track cassettes, CB radio and Betamax video.

Cheap Date – Antidotal Anti-Fashion, edited Kira Jolliffe, Slab-O-Concrete Press, Brighton (2000), ISBN 1899866264.

Mind Invaders

I had two short essay/manifesto pieces in this rather odd collection of manifestos, cult weirdness and psychogeographical meanderings. Featured contributions from Luther Blissett, London Psychogeographical Association, the Association of Autonomous Astronauts and many more.

Mind Invaders – A reader in psychic warfare, cultural sabotage and semiotic terrorism, edited Stewart Home, Serpent’s Tail, London (1997), ISBN 1852425601.