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roller coaster southend

Carry on screaming

  I meet the roving community of roller coaster enthusiasts who travel the UK and the globe to get their fix from air time, G-force and hanging out upside down in theme parks and funfairs.
Daily Telegraph Saturday magazine

giant onions

Battle of the vegetable giants

Growing giant veg is a serious business for the close-knit community that takes part in competitions throughout the UK. I meet the men behind the marrows.
Daily Telegraph Saturday magazine

noise making cassette recorders

Keep it down

Noise annoys! Especially if you have to live with it every day. I spend time with UK’s noise patrols, as we visit loud parties, solve neighbour disputes and discuss the Bristol Hum.
Daily Telegraph Saturday magazine


How Margate's skinheads grew up

What ever happened to those who dedicated their teenage lives to subcultures? I discover the tearaway diaspora doing very nicely and minding their Ps and Qs.
The Guardian


Are we dead yet?

Not being a great news reporter, I kept missing out on riots. So the Guardian sent me to take part in one that had been pre-arranged by the locals in Hexham.
The Guardian

Teddy boys and girls

Recycled Subcultures

An exploration of the revival of youth subcultures in the late 1970s and early 1980s, from Teds to mods.
Google Arts and Culture