Journalism – Music

Mary Weiss

The Leader's back

A trip to the Chelsea Hotel in New York to interview Shangri Las’ lead singer Mary Weiss about her comeback album.
Daily Telegraph

chas and dave guardian

Rockney Geezers

A pre-Glastonbury fun interview with Chas and Dave, just before they were re-assessed as being really quite good. Gertcha, indeed.
The Guardian


A very modest provocateur

A real pleasure to get Leon Rosselson into the national press. A lovely interview with one of the great UK songwriters.
The Guardian

The Ex

Experimental noiseniks

 Visiting Dublin to interview Dutch band The Ex, who I have seen play live many times. Few better live bands.
The Guardian

File under sacred music

It beats bingo

Witnessing history in the re-making, as artists Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard re-enact the Cramps’ famous 1978 Napa Mental Institute gig at London’s ICA.
The Guardian


Melody Faker

I had always assumed I was tone-deaf, until I was properly tested. I speak to the experts about singing in tune and have a singing lesson.
The Guardian