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toot rise

British architect's weekend retreat

I have been writing for US architecture title Dwell since the magazine began in 2000. This simple coastal home by architect Nick Evans is still a favourite of the many I have visited.

Zumthor house UK

It's all about emotion

An interview with world-renowned architect Peter Zumthor about his architectural philosophy and the holiday home that he has designed for Living Architecture in Devon

Dwell house within a house

House within a house

A great renovation of a house in south London, which uses the existing solid structure as the basis for a brand new home that looks far nicer than its predecessor.

heart of the country dwell clickthru

Heart of the country

A modern renovation of a mid-century bungalow in the English countryside makes the perfect family home for John Carver and Anna Carloss next to Paul McCartney.


Hero or villain?

Designed by cult architects The Smithsons, Robin Hood Gardens in Poplar, east London, was loved and loathed in equal measure. It was never listed, making its eventual demolition painful but inevitable.

godsell futureshack

Futureshack to the rescue

Former-footballer Sean Godsell sweats the small stuff when it comes to architecture. And that makes the world a better place.
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