Journalism – Places

Iain Aitch Margate feature

Welcome to Margate

A personal view of the regeneration of Margate via the arts and how the town is changing. Praising the good, but also warning about how the excesses of gentrification could leave locals behind.
The Independent on Sunday

Margate harbour

Save our souls

A more poetic piece of journalism about further gentrification in Margate, the ghosts of my teenage years, social class and how the past is trampled on for a reinvented version of it.

tracey emin margate

Tracey Emin and Iain Aitch in Margate

A meander through Margate with Tracey Emin, who grew up in the town and recently bought a new studio there. Iain and Tracey discuss past links and the town’s future.
The Observer

Martin Parr on Isle of Wight

A new way of seeing with Martin Parr

A commission to travel to the Isle of Wight with Martin Parr and take photos. Who was I to refuse?
Daily Telegraph

art in CCA gallery

Dundee's Designer Delights

A trip to Dundee to try out a new design guide to the city, as well as exploring galleries, open spaces and the odd pub.
Daily Telegraph

butler serving whisky

The butler did it all

Being of humble stock, most of my forbears started out below stairs. So a trip to the Highlands to try out a hotel where I had my own butler was quite a strange experience.
Financial Times