Copywriting & Ideas

As well as writing for books, newspapers and art projects, I also offer copywriting and consultancy services to businesses, charities, quangos, PR agencies, artists, museums and individuals. I have a dedicated site for this service at THIS IDEA. But you can also contact me about this direct via email.

My copywriting and ideas consultancy website contains links to and examples of my work for clients, who include Transport For London, Microsoft, NatWest, Airbnb, RatedPeople, Checkatrade, Dreamland, JLL, Debt Hacker, Borkowski, Founders Pledge, NESTA, Arts & Humanities Research Council, ESRC, Channel 4, Hays, Arup, National Rail, The Barbican, Red Bull, RBS, Lombard, Eden Spiekerman, Toupret,, XPat Jobs, Virtually Working, Hobs, Vivienne Westwood, Humanade, Child Poverty Action Group, Iotum, Red Bull, Futures Lab, Grey, Public & Commercial Services Union and the Fire Brigades Union.

You can see my specialisms from this site, but I can write about a variety subjects across all industries, from start-up to blue-chip. Most of my commercial work seems to cover architecture, construction, arts, history, charity & campaigns, education, finance, banking, public relations, entertainment, infrastructure, interviews and storytelling.

This idea Iain Aitch