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Private school in poverty hotspot

What does the community think when a bohemian private school with unusual ideas and methods crash-lands into their neighbourhood?
The Guardian


Translating the Zibaldone

Italy’s second-most-important piece of literature (after Dante’s Divine Comedy) was little-known abroad until this major translation. My article on this University of Birmingham project was top read on the AHRC’s website.
Arts & Humanities Research Council

headless lady toulmin

Bring on the levitating lady

When academia meets entertainment, great things can happen. Professor Vanessa Toulmin takes the sideshow back into the mainstream with a celebration of Blackpool’s heritage.
The Guardian

3D printer

The Future of 3D Printing

The University of the West of England look to mix new technology with arts and crafts, as 3D printers up their game.
Arts & Humanities Research Council

BETT HP event

Inspiring the next generation of tech stars

A report from the BETT festival of STEM in London, complete with interviews with hackers, coders and lecturers at the tech-oriented education event.
Daily Telegraph

iain aitch lecture

Iain Aitch in academia

As well as writing about education, I also give lectures to academics and museums about my own work around subcultures. I have spoken for academics at Liverpool John Moores, University of Sussex and more. The above link takes you to a symposium at the Museum of Youth Culture.
Academia & Museums